blackboard comeback

Blackboards make a comeback…

They all remind us of days past in the school classroom before the wonder of interactive whiteboards came along- but blackboards are making a comeback, and not in a way you would initially expect. Ever thought of having a blackboard in your home? No, didn’t think so. But, you heard it here first; they are fast becoming the fashion focal point of homes across the country.

You can now purchase black paint, which you then layer onto a wall and take to graffiti-ing in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few suggestions to have the home accessory of the moment:

-Paint a single wall in your kitchen for people to write their shopping ingredients, recipes and messages between the family. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a focal point like this conveys the relationship between the family as you all add to it.

 -Create a column of paint to keep track of everyone’s height.

-Paint a child’s bedroom in it. Nevermore will there ever be a power struggle for keeping those magnolia walls clean because their child has defaced the wall with their ‘artistic talents’. They can draw away until their heart’s content with the chalk, wipe clean when bored, and start again.

-Paint an old pine table on the top as the black will stand out against bright tableware, and dinner guests can leave personal compliments on your great cooking! 

 Look on Red Magazine’s living section on their top 10 ways to use blackboard paint, great tips and beautiful photgraphy:


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