the heat is rising

Gasps came from across the nation when temperatures soared to 31 degrees and we were told that it was hotter here in Blighty than it was on the Costa Del Sol- summer has started early this year, the heat is rising and it looks set to stay.

Of course like all normal Brits, the first thing we collectively seem to do is to fire up the barbie. And why not? The garden and the outside is the perfect place to relax and entertain- you don’t have to own acres of land in order to create the perfect atmospheric hub.  

-Bright colours work really well together in the garden- try cobalt blues, lime greens and magenta pinks. Don’t be afraid of clashing colours- this is one part of your house that you can experiment in without the effects being an expensive mistake.

-You can really be playful with garden furniture, paint old pieces individual colours and have juxtaposing cushions to create a fun contrasting look.

-Use candles and lanterns for the perfect glow at dusk. Attach lanterns to trees or bamboo to frame around the garden. Or make your own lanterns by putting tea lights into recycled jam jars. Once the sun sets and the lights are flickering you’ll never want to leave the garden.

-Huge cushions and natural fabrics work really well in the heat. Throw Moroccan style cushions and it gives that old garden bench an instant update. Rugs and blankets are perfect draped on the backs of chairs for when it begins to get cooler- just remember to bring them in should it decide to rain!

-Not have the space for a garden? Do not fear- if you have a small courtyard you can put wooden boxes around the perimeter filled with garden herbs and small flowers. Once it turns to evening you will have the scent of lavender and jasmine filling the air.  


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